Guide to TLC Reality Shows

When it comes to reality shows, TLC is one of our favorite networks. While many channels focus on competitions and game shows, the shows on TLC feature a prominent person who solve issues. Whether it is My 600 pound life, DR Pimple Popper, or Say Yes to the Dress. Each of the show is a procedural that follows regular people going to a place of business. The audience gets to follow their journey.

TLC also has shows that document the real life of specific people. Shows like I am Jazz or My Big Fat Fabulous life. I really appreciate that TLC has carved a nice for people to be able to tell their stories.

TLC also does an amazing job at publicizing their open castings. They have a page that currently lists a brief show description along with the contact information to apply. Before the site crashed, we kept a page updated with all the information for TLC, and we were avid fans of their shows. We are a little behind schedule, and getting the full list of TLC shows back to our site is one of our top priorities.

In the mean time, if you’ve applied for a TLC show, whether you made it to the audition or got on air, we’d love to hear from you. Over the six years we’ve operated, we’ve spoken to many people who’ve been on reality shows. We love hearing the behind the scenes information, and it helps us make the site better for our readers. If you’s like to tell us about your experience, we’d love to hear from you.

Emma Smith

I have been a fan of reality shows for more than a decade. I love all genres of shows, and I really enjoy sharing my thoughts on them.

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