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Welcome to CastingMaster.com

We have loved reality shows since 1992 when our family would sit around and watch MTV’s Real World. When I was younger, I always wanted to be on the show, but we didn’t own a video camera, and there were never auditions near our home.  The shows Survivor and Amazing Race were game chaners for our family, as they were not only something we would watch, but something we would talk about throughout the week as we would strategize on who we thought would go home.

I grew up in a small rural town, and reality shows gave me, my friends, and my family a chance to see the other parts of the world and experience things that I would never be able to. This was decades before YouTube Vlogging gave us a glimpse into the life of everyday people.

This site is dedicated to all things reality television both on the mainstream networks and the smaller streaming-only channels.

Starting the Site

In 2005, I moved to Los Angeles for a boring technical job. As luck would have it, the apartment complex that I lived in had many people who worked in the entertainment industry. My two closest friends worked for a production company, and in the evenings we’d hang out so I would get to hear all their stories.

It was a dream for me to hear all the behind-the-scenes stories and it change the way I looked at the shows. In 2013, I was speaking with someone who had been a contestant on two baking shows. She was so excited to share her perspective, and it reminded me of my love for talking about and learning about reality shows.

After that conversation, I decided to come home and create a blog where I could share the stories from what I had learned. I also wanted other people to share their experiences too. Our site is open to applicants who just want to be on the show, contestants who make it on air, and members of the production team.

If you have applied for a show, made it on air, or especially if you have worked for the company that created the show, we’d love for you to share your experiences with us. If we think you’re story would be interesting to our readers, we will contact you with specific questions. We’re not looking for blog posts, but rather to answer questions that our readers may want to hear most.

Our Purpose

CastingMaster.com is just a site where fans of reality television can hang out. Because so many of our readers want to be on a television show, we will include details on the auditions of reality shows. We have also heard from many production companies that are starting new shows and have asked us to post a link to their shows to drum up more applications.

Where should we go?

As we are building the site as a place for fans to hang out, we’d love to hear from you about the types of posts you’d like to see on the site. Are there shows that you think we should cover? These don’t need to be new shows, in some cases some of our favorite shows are old favorites like The Price is Right or Candid Camera. I can remember watching both huddled around our one TV with the family.

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