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Our Background

I started this website as a hobby when I was in between jobs as a software engineer. I have been a fan of reality shows since MTV’s Real World, and our family gathered around the television faithfully every Thursday night to watch Survivor going back to the first season. I could never have imagined my passion for reality shows would allow us to launch this site. My proudest accomplishment around this is being in the background audience of the Survivor finale for three separate seasons.

Pitching a Show

Over the ten years that I have been writing about reality shows, we have helped thousands of people learn information about reality shows and the application process. We’ve also partnered with several casting companies to help them fill contestants on their new shows. That being said, I do not consider us qualified to give advice on getting your show on a network. This is a very complex process, and there are people who specialize in this area. Before doing a Google search, I strongly suggest doing some research before reaching out. There are a lot of unethical companies that will make big promises and want a lot of money upfront to create a promo reel or even read your pitch.

Another risk is that you can pitch your idea, but not protect your rights properly. This may allow the production company to move forward on the project without you being involved in the final version that makes the network. There are just so many different things to be pitfalls, we have specifically decided to simply provide a recommendation on where to start.

If you are serious about getting pitching a reality show, I highly recommend getting Reality TV: An Insider’s Guide to TV’s Hottest Market by Troy DeVolld. Troy has been nominated for a daytime Emmy, and he has worked on Dancing with the Stars, Basketball Wives, The Osbournes, The Surreal Life to name a few. He is a true expert in this industry. Additionally, I believe his book is the absolute best source to learn all aspects of pitching a show.

Finally, if you get your show picked up by a network, I would be thrilled to hear from you. We can do a skype call about your journey, and we will use our platform to help you build the audience for your new show. We love supporting the readers of our site so please feel free to reach out to us with as much detail as you’d like to share.

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