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  • Contestants: Two per episode
  • Top Prize: No Monetary Prize
  • Selectivity: 2 Star
  • Original Release Date: Dec 29, 2010
  • Finale Date: —
This is a single episode docudrama appearing on TLC which details unique obsessions. Some of the most famous people appear on the show eat weird items like glass, tires, mattresses or undergo surgery to make themselves look differently. The show has come under a bit of scrutiny as some of the people appearing on the show have refused to recreate their behavior on any other show. Additionally, TLC does not specifically site the show as being a completely real show show.

Regardless, if you have a unique ability or talent that you wish to display to the world, this is an ideal show to apply for. It has an incredibly easy bar and casting process if you truly do have a talent or hobby that sets you a part from the crowd. That being said, it is highly recommended to be yourself and only apply for the show if you truly have something that would make you similar to other people on the show. About 50% of the people on the show seem to be digesting something that would either be harmful or disgusting to most of America. Even attempting these items can be incredibly dangerous.

Show Casting Tips

This show features an onsite camera shoot making it ideal for people who live in a small rural area or otherwise would not be able to travel for a filming. Additionally, the show can be used to build publicity for a local establishment by having a meeting in a certain restaurant or store. The primary advice for this show are to be unique, original, and memorable. You don’t need to exaggerate your talent, but you should definitely view this as something to be proud of. If you are selected to appear on the show, you will likely be known for this for an extended period of time. The other suggestion is to be true to yourself when sharing your obsession. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having unique interests, but understand that others may turn to you for questions or advice on the subject. You are setting yourself up to be a spokesman for that group so it needs to be something that you are comfortable with. Additionally, we have included a promo video from the show so you can get a glimpse of what appearing on the show is like:

Applicant Restrictions:

Because there is no prize money paid out to the contestants, there are less rules and regulations than other shows. The standard TLC guidelines apply of being a US resident and not being a minor. Otherwise, the casting is fairly open to anyone who is interested in sharing their wedding gown experience with the world.

  • Must be 18+ Years Old
  • Must be willing to share addiction openly
  • Must be a US Resident

My Strange Addiction Auditions and Online Application

This show has recently opened it’s casting for the 2015 season. The show is actively searching for people to appear on the show. If you are interested in applying you will need to email:

  • Your Contact Information (Full Name and Phone Number)
  • Brief Description of Unusual Behavior
  • Your Age
  • Your Current City
  • A Recent Photo

Finally, if you applied to be on this show, we’d love to hear your story whether or not you were selected to appear on air. Feel free to click the link below to share your story with us and our readers.

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