Save My Bakery – Casting Guide

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  • Contestants: One Bakery per Episode
  • Top Prize: Bakery Rennovation
  • Selectivity: 2 Star
This is a single episode reality show hosted by Kerry Vincent. She is famous baker and sugar artist who currently owns a shop in Oklahoma. She is known for her time on the Food Network Challenge, and many people refer to her as “The Queen of Cakes”. She is a true legend in the industry both for her flavors as well as her decorating ability. The show appeared on the Food Network with the reruns still airing.

The show has a very procedural format in which each episode Kerry shares the background of a struggling bakery. Most of the bakeries have had success in the past; however, they failed to keep their designs current. She also seems to need to teach the managers to be more assertive when dealing with the staff. The production team also seem to be drawn to bakeries that have a family relationship that is creating tension. Once the background is explained to the public, the viewers are taken to the current shop which is shot to make it look dated and cluttered. Unlike Bar Rescue, they are never meant to appear unsanitary. The show simply focuses how the environment isn’t conducive to selling pastries and cookies.

After the viewers are introduced to the bakery, the staff is introduced. There is a bit of time in which every employee receives a tad bit of airtime so they can share their story. This may be something to discuss with your staff before applying for the show in case someone feels strongly about not appearing on the show. Additionally, each staff member will be asked for their ideas on improving the bakery as well as the weekly competition that we’ll discuss in detail below. The interactions between the staff are the key element of the show in which Kerry attempts to get the owner or manager to face the reality of their issues.

In each episode, the current product is tasted and reviewed for the viewers. After that Kerry will provide recommendations on changing recipes and designs with an eye towards the staff’s current limitations. This along with the renovations are the two most valuable items that come from appearing on the show. Most of the time the recipes and presentations are dated so having someone who can provide an honest critique is really going to move the business forward. After the food is reviewed, the show’s production team will create a reason for a bake off between the employees. This is less about getting a winner and more about allowing everyone on the show to have the spotlight a tad while providing a venue for launching some new products.

Directly prior to the launch, there will be a heart to heart talk over tea. This is a nice friendly conversation in which the owners are encouraged and review the lessons they learned while being on the show. After this, the bakery is revealed which usually has a completely new upscale interior with some work done on the exterior. The better design of the bakery is a major reason the shop is able to raise prices as well as the free advertising obtained from appearing on the show. This show also has one of the highest success rates for any of the “Takeover” style shows. As of the writing, we are unaware of any contestant which appeared on this show that later went on to close their establishment.

Save my Bakery Cancelled

Despite the success the contestants achieved after appearing on the show, the ratings simply weren’t there. The show premiered in 2014 and aired 10 episodes. The show is currently in a holding pattern. While we are unaware of an order to create any new episodes, Food Network is airing one episode per week both on the US and in UK. There is a possibility if it can gain the necessary audience that a revised version be launched.

Save my Bakery Updates and Tips

We haven’t received any updates from the contestants who appeared on this show. If either applied for this show or appeared on it, we would love to hear from you to get any tips you have for people who aspire to be on the show.

Save My Bakery Casting

As of Spring 2015, the show is currently not creating season 2. We will update this page when or if the application process is opened in the future.