Cutthroat Kitchen – Casting Guide

Cutthroat Kitchen Logo
  • Contestants: Four per Episode
  • Top Prize: Upto $25,000
  • Selectivity: 3 Star
This is a single episode reality show appearing on the Food Network. The show is hosted by Alton Brown and features four features competing against each other in a format very similar to Chopped . The primary difference is that this show features culinary sabotages meant to hinder the contestants from completing their dishes. This is a fantastic show for someone who may not have the technical expertise to compete on a standard cooking show, and instead excel at thinking on their feet.

The sabotages can be divided into three primary categories. The first group are the ones that impact the ingredients in the dish. This can include losing their food basket or simply replacing key items. Statistically, these have the most impact and should therefore solicit the most bids. The second group are the challenges which impact the ability to cook or prepare the food. This includes limiting the chefs use of knives, heating sources, or mixing vessels. These can have a moderate impact when combined; however, on their own the recipient is rarely sent home for these. The final type of sabotage are the time wasters. These require the contestant to make hot dogs, remove sesame seeds, or chip shrimp from ice. These challenges are rarely the tipping point of the round and rather serve as the nail in the coffin when someone is already struggling.

Cutthroat Kitchen Show Overview & Strategy

When making a dish, the contestants should make an elevated version of the dish as close to possible to the standard dish. Contestants continually hurt themselves by trying to make something unique while shopping, and then the obstacles make it completely impossible for them to make a dish. Our team has watched every episode of Cutthroat Kitchen, and it is far more likely for the person who makes a traditional dish to make it through the round rather than someone who tries to “Think outside the box”. The time for creative thinking is after the auction, and not before. That being said, contestants should always get sugar, flour and eggs for every challenge regardless of the food. The eggs can serve as a binder and the flour a thickener. The sugar is used if the dish is made too salty or acidic to bring the flavor profile back in check. We’ve included a video of Alton’s suggestions below:

Cutthroat Kitchen Show Casting Process

The first step in applying for the show is to complete the application form here. The form has about 25 questions, many of which are simple one word responses such as First Name, Facebook ID, etc. This form could easily be completed in about 30 minutes. Once the form has been completed, if the casting team is interested in you, they will contact you and setup an camera test. For people who live in Los Angeles, this could be in person, but for everyone else it will be via Skype. There is a pretty quick turnaround time between when you submit the form and being contacted by the producers.

The next season of Cutthroat Kitchen is casting in December 2014 and January 2015. The filming occurs in Los Angeles and usually takes 2-3 days on set for each episode.

Applicant Restrictions:

Each episode has a unique set of restrictions. There are no set guidelines as any age or profession restrictions are lifted for the “Special Shows” some of which we have listed below. If you want to apply on Cutthroat Kitchen and are a legal US resident, it’s worth submitting your online application.
  • Fireman
  • Lunch Lady
  • Grandmother
  • Home Chef
  • Military
  • BBQ/Grill Master
  • Food Truck Chef

Finally, if you applied to be on this show, we’d love to hear your story whether or not you were selected to appear on air. Feel free to click the link below to share your story with us and our┬áreaders.