VH1 Reality Shows

Over the years, VH1 has invested heavily in reality shows. They were one of the major early adopters and created hugely popular shows in the vein of the bachelor with a twist targeting a younger demographic. Their shows initially featured stars like Brett Michaels, Flavor Flav or Tiffany Pollard. VH1 really focused on the “Celebreality” genre creating shows around their more popular contestants. The aforementioned Tiffany Pollard became famously known as “New York”. She appeared in the first two seasons of Flavor of Love, and then went on to star in five more series that centered entirely on her. Her seventh show, “I Love New York 3” was in production when the suicide of another VH1 reality star caused the network to rethink its approach leading them to cancel many shows.

The vast majority of VH1 program is still focused around reality shows; however, they have changed their format from the game show format to the more docu-drama approach in which each show is focused on a small cast of people living their lives. Their most popular shows are currently “Mob Wives” and “Love and Hip Hop”.

If you can get cast on a VH1 show as a main person, you can be set for years. The network has been very faithful to the people who deliver ratings. They are usually looking for people who can fit a very specific niche and live in a certain region of the country. Appearing on one of these shows is a very fast track to become modestly famous.

Network Details
  • Network Specialty: Docu-Drama Shows
  • Casting Competitiveness: Two Star
  • Primary Show Type: Full Seasons +