Top Dog – Casting Guide

Contestants: 4 per episode
Top Prize: TBD
Selectivity: 1 Star

Top Dog is a reality show focused on kids showing off the tricks their dog can perform. This will be a single episode show with a single winner each week. The show has not publicly stated which network they will appear on; however, the producers have released that it will appear on either a children or family network.

Applicant Restrictions:
  • Must between 8 – 16
  • Must have a well-trained dog dog
  • Must be from the Los Angeles Area (or provide transportation there)

Casting Calls – Date & Location
This show is cast entirely from online applications. The producers of this show are Bunim/Muray of Real World and Project Runway fame. If you are interested in applying for this show, you can reach their simple one page application form here. here.

Finally, if you applied to be on this show, we’d love to hear your story whether or not you were selected to appear on air. Feel free to click the link below to share your story with us and our┬áreaders.