Tips for a Disney Audition

Disney has very few reality shows so it can be very challenging to get on the network. The advantage of being on Disney is that it was a launch pad for Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, and Christina Aguilera. The only two non-scripted shows on Disney are Code 9 and Win, Lose, or Draw(WLD). Code 9 was a hidden camera show in which kids prank their family with the antics aired on TV. This show is currently not being filmed leaving the only show being Win, Lose or Draw.

This show dates back to late 1980s which was hosted by Vicki Lawrence and Brent Convey. The show remained off air for nearly 30 years and was picked up by Disney for the teen version. In 2014, Disney launched the kid version which is a perfect fit for the network as it allows them to easily pull a star from one of their other shows to get extra screen time. Additionally, there’s a lot of crossover demand as people will tune in to WLD to see their favorite actors.1

When auditioning for a show you need to be memorable. You need to have a good presence and be articulate. There are literally thousands of people who want to appear on any Disney show making this super competitive. The best way to get on is to closely follow the shows and their twitter account for audition updates.

One final note is to be very cautious when you hear or see advertisements for casting directors looking for new kids. Many of these are services that have no relationship with Disney, but rather sell acting packages, agent contracts or head shot photos. If you are approached by someone in this capacity be very mindful of taking their advice especially when they are asking you to outlay significant money.