Tattoo Nightmares – Casting Guide

Contestants: 2
Top Prize: $0 – Covered Tattoo
Selectivity: 2 Star

Tattoo Nightmares star artists, Jasmine Rodriguez, Big Gus, and Tommy Helm covering tattoo mistakes. There is no monetary prize for this as the prize for appearing on the show is that you get to tell your story on television as well, as getting the tattoo covered.

Applicant Restrictions:
  • Have a Tattoo You Regret
  • Include a Photo of You
  • Include a Photo of the Tattoo to be Fixed

If you are interested, you can apply using the Tattoo Nigthmare Application Form.

Finally, if you applied to be on this show, we’d love to hear your story whether or not you were selected to appear on air. Feel free to click the link below to share your story with us and our┬áreaders.  Facebooktwittergoogle_pluspinterest