Tattoo and Fashion Shows

The tattoo, fashion and makeup shows are both in the same genre because they follow a very similar format. Each focus on an artist in their respective field working with a human canvas to complete a challenge. These shows often recruit for both the artist as well as the human canvas, and these are some of the best shows to appear on if this is your field. A tattoo artist can immediately become a go to artist after being featured on the show. It’s not important to actually win one of the shows as it allows the contestants a chance to showcase their work.

Reality Tatttoo & Makeup Show Details
  • Casting Competitiveness: Two Star
  • Original Show: Inkmaster
  • Primary Network: Spike

Casting Tips for this Genre
These shows are looking for interesting people who can deliver quality work. Before applying, you will definitely want to get a Twitter Account, an active Facebook following, and even do some YouTube videos with some of your work. If you can show a big personality in some YouTube videos along with some of your work, you’ll greatly improve your chances of making the show.
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