Talent reality shows have been around since American Idoel premiered. The genre hasn’t gone through a lot of changes over the years as it’s still primarily about taking people who are very good in a specific area and giving them a place to showcase their talent. The three most popular formats of the show are singing, dancing and cooking with each genre having multiple major shows. Some of the lesser talents include, karaoke, comedy, and even spelling. Those shows are perfect if you are really passionate about a specific area. Most of these shows are season long elimination style shows.

Talen Show Details
  • Casting Competitiveness: Two to Four Star
  • Original Show: American IdolLoser
  • Primary Network: Varies

Casting Tips for this Genre
When you apply for this show, it is important to have a background in the talent, and it helps if you have won multiple competitions. The producers of many shows will pass along people who clearly have no chance of winning the show, just to make people feel dumb and entertain the audience. If you have never been a competitive dancer or someone how has has little to no formal training, then it doesn’t make sense to try out for “So You Think You Can Dance” which is comparable to being in the NFL for someone who loves football. If you really believe you have a true talent, then attend some local competitions first to practice in front of the crowd and ensure you win. Otherwise, you put yourself at a risk of being made fun of. That being said, if you’re a comedian who just wants to go up and make a fool of themselves for the few minutes of fame, then go out there and have a blast. The Casting Master Team simply don’t want members of our community to be surprised and made fun of during the audition.