Home Restoration Shows – Casting Guide

Home restorations shows were the very first reality TV shows predating the whole concept. The initial show was “This Old House” with Bob Villa which was featured one or two houses being renovated each season. This was very educational in nature showing other homeowners about possible upgrades to their house, and each week they had some rather obvious product placements.

The shows of today follow an extremely similar pattern that debuted more than 30 years ago. There are nor more hosts, and they usually fix one house over the course of one or two episodes rather than an entire season. The audience gets only gets high level overviews of the issues the face. The shows of today can be divided into two main categories. The first is where an expert comes in to help homeowners improve their place. This would be like Extreme Home Maker or America’s Top Designer. The second type is when investors purchase a property with the goal of fixing it up and selling for a profit with the most popular in this group being the “Flip this House” series.

Reality Home Restoration Show Details
  • Casting Competitiveness: One Star
  • Original Show: This Old House
  • Primary Network: HGTV