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Applying for a reality show can be intimidating with the uncertainty hurting your chances of making the cut. Our Reality TV experts have written several general guides to give you the inside scoop on the reality show process. In addition to the tips, we will also have interviews with former reality show contestants, casting directors, and producers.

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  • Tips for an Open Casting Call

    Getting cast on a reality TV show isn't as easy as one might think. This is particularly true for those going to an open casting call with the hope of becoming a contestant. Actors and actresses need to catch the eye of the show's higher ups, from the directors to the producers, but the best ways to do that might… Read More +
  • How to Create Winning Audition Videos

    When you are applying for a show, you will need to take every advantage possible. Most of the shows select less than 1% of all people who apply making the shows far more selective than a job or even an Ivy League education as getting into Harvard has a 6% acceptance rate. I hope this puts it in… Read More +
  • Casting Call - Must Have List

    When you are going on a casting call, you may be in line for hours so it's important to bring some items with you to make the waiting as easy as possible. Remember when you are in front of the producers/directors, you want to be at 100% and really show them your personality. The last thing you want… Read More +
  • Tips for a Disney Audition

    Disney has very few reality shows so it can be very challenging to get on the network. The advantage of being on Disney is that it was a launch pad for Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, and Christina Aguilera. The only two non-scripted shows on Disney are Code 9 and Win, Lose, or Draw(WLD). Code 9 was a… Read More +
  • Want to be a reality show villian?

    Are you a fan of Richard from Survivor? How about Evil Dick on Big Brother or Omarosa from The Apprentice. Every strong season of a reality show has someone that is portrayed in a manner to make the viewers root against them. Having an antagonist is just good drama for the show as it gets people talking.… Read More +
  • Why Being a Good Sport Helps Win a Reality Show

    During the heat of battle in a reality show, it's very easy to get consumed with winning and put that above everything else. Under the intense pressure to win, people will often do things that they would not in their day to day life. Two incidents that really stick out are a recent chopped episode in… Read More +
  • How to Deal with Nerves on a Casting Call

    We all get nervous, right? That crazy feeling you get while waiting, you are shaking, hands getting sweaty. You try to fake a laugh when someone looks at you. I’ve tried this and I always ended up with a shaky voice. We all pray that we don’t mess up, get bad feedback or get dropped from the set. All the… Read More +
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