Getting Motivation to Audition

One of the hardest aspects of auditioning for your dream reality show is dealing with the rejection when you are not selected. The vast majority of people you see on your favorite show aren’t selected the first time they apply. While it’s easy to say that you shouldn’t get discouraged and to keep at it, the truth is that maintaining the motivation can be a huge challenge.

Stay Positive

Hearing the show has decided to pass on you as a candidate can be devastating; however, there are some very good points that can be taken from it. First, you will have learned for your next audition. Did you talk too much? Did you present a boring personality? Really think back to exactly what you said and did that caused you to miss the mark. A failed audition can be a great learning tool that will greatly improve your chances for future casting calls.

Keep In Contact If Possible

Most of the shows use the same casting company for multiple seasons. This means that someone you audition with one year may very well be back the year following. If you can get a business card to reach out prior to the interview, you may be able to get a VIP pass for the line for second years especially if you made a good impression, and absolutely if you made it through the initial open casting call. Don’t stalk the person or pressure them; however, it’s totally fair to name drop that you auditioned with “XXXXX YYYYY” last year. This will let the person you’re speaking with understand that you will remember their name too, and can really help building rapport.

Meeting Future Contestants

One of the most awesome aspects of attending a casting call is meeting the people who will later become stars by making the show. Even if you don’t feel like you’re having a good day, and likely won’t make a great impression, it can be a great opportunity to see someone who later appeared on the show. Try to make friends with as many people as possible especially those around you. Many times the people screening will bring you back as a group so having “friends” will show the production team you can get along with others and quickly establish a connection with people.

Every No Is Still a Step Forward

While the chances of getting selected for a major show are far less than 1%, every single audition is a chance to build your life story. Did you make it through the first round? Did you see anyone famous? Did they ask you any strange questions. While the ultimate goal is obviously to be on the show and even win it, there’s a lot of perks simply from auditioning.

Finally, if you have auditioned, and would like to share your story, we’d love to hear it. We use the information to help others in their audition, and overall we’re just happy to hear your first hand account of the auditioning process. If you feel you totally tanked, then writing may help realize where you could change things before the next audition.