Food Truck Face Off – Casting Guide

Food Truck Face Off Logo Contestants: 4 per episode
Top Prize: Customized Food Truck
Selectivity: 2 Star

Food Truck Face Off Overview

This show is a single episode elimination cooking show similar to chopped or cut throat kitchen. The premise is that four teams consisting of two people each pitch an idea for a food truck. The three judges evaluate the idea, the food and the contestants to identify the teams they believe have the highest likelihood of success. From there two of the four teams are eliminated and two of the teams are given a food truck for a one on one competition. They each sell items from their food truck over a weekend for about two hours each day, and the team who generates the most money gets to keep their truck.

This is a low two star show as it doesn’t seem incredibly difficult to be cast for the show. Many of the contestants have little or no cooking background and some seem like they merely want to be on a reality show or be on the Food Network.  There’s no harm if that’s your goal, and this one may be one of the easiest prime time shows to get a spot. In the premiere, one of the teams consisted of a salesman and an accountant neither of which had a culinary education or background running a food related business. They were quickly eliminated from the show, but they still got their few minutes of fame.

Food Truck Face Off Casting Tips

When applying for this show, the two most important aspects are to have a unique food that people will talk about. Whether you want to have some blowfish tacos or fried alligator, the more unique the food the higher the chance of being on the show. Even if you make the absolute best traditional Mexican tacos, it won’t matter for this show because they want items that will be memorable. The best approach would be to take a classic and add a twist to it. The winners of the pilot had a truck built around mac and cheese as an example. Unique food that is popular with a wide range of people, and they offered a very high end version of this food in several different dishes.

Applicant Restrictions:

  • Must be 18+ Years Old
  • Must be a US Resident

Food Truck Face Off Auditions

The list of cities and dates have not been set for the 2015 season of Food Truck Face Off. We will keep this page updated and sent out an announcement via twitter once the show’s production team makes the announcement.

Online Applications

This show has an online application in which you complete the four question survey and then upload a video. After the video, there is usually a couple of phone calls and a video chat before you arrive on site for filming.

Finally, if you applied to be on this show, we’d love to hear your story whether or not you were selected to appear on air. Feel free to click the link below to share your story with us and our readers.