Fitness Shows

Fitness reality shows have been around since Biggest Loser premiered in 2000. The genre hasn’t gone through a lot of changes over the years as it’s still primarily about taking people who are overweight and helping them losing pounds. There have been a lot of twists like having Celebrity Bootcamp that took former stars and helping them shape up. Most of these shows are season long elimination style shows.

Reality Fitness Show Details
  • Casting Competitiveness: Four Star
  • Original Show: Biggest Loser
  • Primary Network: Varies

Casting Tips for this Genre
The fitness shows focus on the contestants and their life stories significantly more than the other shows. When you are applying for this show, you need to really have a strong pitch. You want to have a good story that the producers believe will connect you to the audience. If your goal is to get healthy then your fitness background won’t really matter, but if you’re goal is to win the top monetary prize then there are some tips to improve the odds. The first is to bulk up as much as possible before the show as starting weight is used as the baseline so putting on a few extra pounds before the show starts is going to help your final percentage weightloss. Additionally, people who have been athletic earlier in their life have a significant advantage over people who have been large their whole life. This is due to muscle memory which allows the former athletes the ability to push themselves harder during the training.
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