Discovery Channel Reality Show

The Discovery Channel has a lot of reality shows with the vast majority of their shows being non-scripted. A lot of the shows are like Mythbusters which have main stars that take on weekly challenges. It’s possible to appear on one of these shows as a guest expert, but as a regular person it’s nigh impossible to get on that show. Sometimes the experts can be jugglers or chainsaw artists. The main key for getting on this show is to be located near where the episode is being filmed. As most are shot near San Francisco there’s a definite advantage to that. It’d be extremely unlikely that someone living in a small midwest town to be receive a call for casting on this show.
Shows like Big Giant Sword and Street Outlaws can be incredibly easy to appear if the people interested contact the people on the show and either purchase an item or challenge the Kansas guys to a race. Both will likely cost the guests money to appear on the show, but in the case of Big Giant Sword appearing on the show can serve as great advertisement to raise awareness of program.
Network Details
  • Network Specialty: Docu-Drama Shows
  • Casting Competitiveness: One Star
  • Primary Show Type: Single Episode