Cooking Shows

The cooking show became popular in the second wave of reality shows. The cooking shows have a relatively low production cost as they simply need a kitchen area for the test and a pantry for ingredients. The food costs are some of the most expensive element for the show as there is little manufacturer subsidies. Because each episode has 4 contestants per show, a season will have between 50 to 90 people appear on the show per year. Additionally, these sho require being able to cook which further limits who will eligible for the show. The usual payout for these shows is fairly low compared to most reality competition shows, but the major perk is that winning one of these shows can turbo charge a chefs career.

Reality Cooking Show Details
  • Casting Competitiveness: One Star
  • Original Show: Chopped
  • Primary Network: Food Network

Casting Tips for this Genre
Most of these shows do online casting only. You will need to create a strong video submission and then go through one to three phone interviews. You can really improve your chances if you’ve won other competitions even if they aren’t that competitive such as local fair cooking competition or attending certain niche festivals. The producers want people of different levels which can range from proficient home cook to James Beard Award winning chef. The key is to own your background, and make the producers feel comfortable that you won’t embarrass them for putting you on the show.
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