How to choose a reality show to be on

Are you interested in being on a show, but not sure which one to be on. There are a lot of different shows on the air right now, and most of them have a non-compete clause. This means if you appear on cupcake wars, you may not be able to appear on any other show for three years. This isn’t limited to just cooking show. The reality show non-compete clauses limit being on any nationally televised show so this can affect being on Biggest Loser, American Idol or even the Bachelor. Even though these shows are completely unrelated, the producers of the original show don’t want to have their brand muddled with another series.

Because of this, you need to really spend a lot of time deciding which show is the best for your and your goals. The first decision is to determine what you want to get out of appearing on television. If your goal is to get healthy, then clearly biggest loser or any of the weightloss shows is going to have a similar impact on you getting healthy; however, if your goal is to build a lifestyle company around helping people getting healthy then Biggest Loser is really the only valid option. Extreme Weightloss on ABC won’t lead to the opportunities making it a complete dead end to the ultimate goals.

If the primary goal is to help a modeling or acting career, then literally any major network show will allow you to build a film roll. It will also allow you to build a group of people who are interested in you. An amazing example of this would be Colleen Haskell who appeared on the first season of Survivor and turned that into the female lead in a Rob Schneider movie. On a similar manner a cooking show winner will help a chef’s career whether that is chopped, master chef or Cutthroat Kitchen. Winning a show will allow you to stand out when going on an interview for a job. Additionally, a wise restaurant owner will realize the marketing upside of having someone who won one of the cooking shows.

The last consideration when considering a show is the cost associated with appearing on the show. A show like Restaurant Impossible or Bar Rescue will result in money being added in the business. A place appearing on one of the shows can expect an increase in customers as well as money from the production company being placed into the business for renovations.