Casting Call – Must Have List

When you are going on a casting call, you may be in line for hours so it’s important to bring some items with you to make the waiting as easy as possible. Remember when you are in front of the producers/directors, you want to be at 100% and really show them your personality. The last thing you want is to come across as drained from the time you spent waiting.

1. Comfortable Backpack
Almost all casting calls will allow you to bring a backpack into the audition, and you can leave it at the door when you go into see the judges. You want to find something that is both practical in terms of holding the item, but also fashionable enough that it won’t stick out. Alternatively, you could wear the more traditional black backpack, but remember this can definitely kill the whole look of your outfit.

2. Refillable Water Bottle
I prefer to bring two to three refillable water bottles. This allows me to always stay hydrated throughout the day, and I don’t have to worry about carrying all the weight from bringing 6-9 bottles of water. Also going with bottles designed to be refilled is going to eliminate the chance of the bottle leaking if you use one of the plastic bottles.

3. Toothbrush/Breath Mint
I always recommend giving your teeth a few swipes before the actual audition, and then popping a mint. This will give you confidence to smile more, and will give you better breath for meeting the judges. This one is very minor, but so many applicants completely forget about their dental hygiene.

4. Deodorant
Similar to the benefits from bringing the tooth brush, being able to cover any possible body odor is just going to give you more confidence in the audition.

5. Comfortable Shoes
I recommend doing the audition in high quality, nice shoes. But those may not be the best to wear for extended periods of standing. You should always wear the nice shoes as the producers may be watching, but if your feet are tired once you make it to a waiting room, then you can switch out to something a little more comfortable.