Company Overview
CastingMaster is the leading news site and public online database of all casting related information. We maintain a schedule of all casting calls for reality shows as well as have tips for both casting and participating in the shows. Our site was founded in Phoenix, Arizona in 2014. We have a small team of dedicated and highly talented employees who are single focused on making this the best community for all casting news.

Open Positions
Author/Content Developer: We have an immediate opening for someone who can research all posted casting calls to find out information on the shows, the judges, and the overall concept of the show. We have relationships with many producers so we can get early details to keep the site fresh with new content. We are looking for a part-time writer who could produce 20 articles of 400-600 pages per week. The work will be structured so that each weekday, you will receive an email with 2-5 links to show details to research and write a summary for our viewers. We would like a turnaround time of two business days. This position may be located anywhere in the US.

Video Creator: We have an immediate opening for someone who can create video for the site. We are looking for someone who has created instruction videos before and uploaded them to YouTube. Each week, we will send a list of topics that we would like a 3-5 minute video created about. We will also create an outline for the topic, and upload the videos to our YouTube channel. We are only considering someone who has had experience creating high quality instructional videos.

If you are interested in any of our open positons, please email us at