Business Shows

The business show became popular in the second wave of reality shows, and is one of the newer genre. It has seen incredible success due to the synergy between the business owner and production company both receiving value from being on the show. This has now grown to becoming the second most prevelant reality show on TV only behind the home restoration show. The general premise is that an industry expert comes onsite to a struggling business for two to five days. During that time, the expert will take over the business, mentor the owner, usually fire one or more employee, and improve the overall operation of the business. The business owner receives a lot of free publicity by appearing on the show and usually receive $10,000+ in renovations. These shows are incredibly inexpensive to produce as manufacturers often giveaway the material used in the show for product placement and logo spots. Because of the sheer number of these shows, this is the easiest genre to appear on.

Reality Business Show Details
  • Casting Competitiveness: One Star
  • Original Show: Kitchen Nightmare
  • Primary Network: Food Network

Casting Tips for this Genre
The producers of these show want both drama and a good back story. When applying for this show, it’s important to have some obvious issues that would translate well to the viewing audience. Being memorable is also incredibly helpful so if you can position the business in that manner is really going to improve your chances of getting cast. The other tip is to listen to the expert to get on his good side. Remember the show will have a lot of power in terms of how the show is edited. They are looking to build a brand as someone who can help businesses so if you stay on their good site (at least until the show airs), then you are far more likely to be portrayed positively to receive the traffic boost.