Adventure Shows

The adventure show was really the original of the drama. This type of entertainment focuses on the cast members who are set to go through life and overcome challenges. The shows can be as unstructured as Real Word in which seven people live in a house for five months to the ultra structured Survivor. The new Fox show Utopia is really pushing the boundaries on this as it has no set plot or goals other than airing the contestants 24/7 for a year. This type of program usually appear on one of the major networks due to the production costs. The long shoot time can make it difficult for smaller shows to compete. MTV is one of the few stations that are really open to experimenting with completely new adventure shows.

Adventure Reality Show Key Elements

  1. Season Long Contestants – Each season has contestants that appear on multiple episodes
  2. Diverse Cast Backgrounds – Unlike shows like Ink Master or Cup Cake Wars which feature tattoo artists and bakers respectively, this type of show plays on putting groups together that are completely different
  3. Confined Living Quarters – This show will always provide little privacy for the people appearing on the show.
  4. Usually Extremely Competitive – These shows often have the most applicants per spot on the show making it imperative to really bring your top game when applying.

Casting Tips for this Adventure Reality Shows

The producers are really seek strong personalities that will make interesting characters. It really helps to almost play a stereotypical role. While most of the cast will be well extremely good looking, there will be some slots dedicated to people who can keep the audiences attention through wit rather than beauty. If you are attractive or athletic, it’s definitely advised to flaunt those attributes during the audition and casting process. If you are more in the normal range, you may want to go with being relatable rather than trying to be cute. I would always avoid being bitter or sounding like you resent one group of people, and under no circumstances should you try to come off as being racist, sexist or something along those lines. That’s casting taboo as you don’t want to possibly cause the show to get boycotts which would hurt ratings. Ultimately, you are hoping to convince the show executives that America is willing to tune in each week to see how you handle the challenges of the show.